That Bitter Word “Freedom” (Problems of the Opposition and the Government)

Freedom is a severe test.
Freedom is a test which elevates the nobility and debases the slave. The nobleman understands that it is a test and acts appropriately: he does not overstep a strict line beyond which another person’s freedom begins. 

A slave, however, feeling a bit dizzy from the sense of open space, begins to turn impudent and disregards all boundaries, thus threatening the freedom of others.

This is how the tragedy of mankind always begins. When a slave does not recognize his place, when a slave receives freedom. When a dictator rejoices that he and no one else is worthy of this blessing (freedom). The dictator points his finger to the slave to justify his actions. It is as if the slave becomes the object legitimizing the dictator’s usurpation of power. The dictator says: “If it were not for my firm hand, you would be taken over by the Slave, who would be a hundred times worse than I am. He would destroy you in a more brutal way than I do. He would burn you over a slow flame of chaos, whereas I treat your death with great respect.

For the most part dictators are created from slaves in the same way that idealists are created out of nobility. Despite the immeasurably smaller number of noblemen, their influence on society is approximately the same as slaves. These two forces, unequal in number, preserve a balance in society that keeps society from falling into some ravine of anarchy.

When the Soviet Union collapsed in 1991 and Uzbekistan received its freedom, the balance of influence of the nobility and slaves was standard for the Soviet Union. But over time the proportion has shifted in favor of the slaves. Slaves turned up everywhere, from the government through to the opposition. That middle class, those who embodied the link between slaves and idealists, has disappeared. Most of this class has now also joined the slaves. Meanwhile, a small part of this class has entered the circle of the nobility, and in so doing has suffered the great humiliation that befits such a transformation.

And in this debased position they have begun to tear freedom apart.

The former Slave, who has become the dictator, humiliates his fellow slaves. And the latter, instead of coming to their senses, have begun to gnaw and bite at one and other, thus benefiting the Primary Slave.

And the balance has been destroyed. There remain a handful of gloomy hermits and hordes of slaves bewitched by the whizzing sound of the dictator’s whip.

Freedom, a severe test.

Once again, as in former times, no one except the nobility has passed it.

Once again – as so many times over the millennia!—everyone has seen that only the nobility merit freedom.

Muhammad Salikh


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