Towards the day of Awakening

Recent events in the Muslim world are inspiring optimism. As the Muslim world comes close to its enlightened age, its features are softened, its sight becomes clearer.
The so-called ‘revolutions’ occuring — though soiled by blood and accompanied by pain – represent some kind of catharsis, some kind of cleansing. The means for these global changes may have been different factors, sometimes unexpected, even alien to Muslims. In this great turmoil, Allah grant us to not overlook of the essence of this process.
The essence, it seems to us, doesn’t lay on a plane of benefits — geopolitic, ideological or economic. Although they seem to be the main motive force, the program behind them is much more deeper, more strategic, which does not belong to ordinary human being.

Look, how tyrannies under the guise of Islam start to fall one after another and each of them have an earthly justification, a religious «alibi» to justify the long-term crimes against their populations — against the ummah as a whole.
Tyrants accuse the Western imperialists and dark forces of conspiring and organizing the “revolutions”. But they do not realise who and why these forces were sent against them at all.
They held their peoples in the most severe oppression for decades, but now we can see that they are not ready to live oppressed even an hour. These men on the run from their peoples finally remembered about Allah, Whom they had completely forgotten during the days of unchallenged rule.

The level of their catastrophic fall is equal to the severity of their crimes. The higher there were in arrogance, the more strongly they hit the bottom of humiliation. None of them is able to say a word about the injustice of their fate, because all HERE is fair unlike their imaginary empire.
The so-called «The Arabian spring» for the Muslim world has great importance, first of all from the point of view of morals.

Certainly, such interpretation of these great events can seem to the machiavellists of modern policy insufficiently pragmatic. But it does not reduce the importance of subject matter at all. We should study this lesson with all the seriousness of a student subjected to unexpected test. This test is not only for oppressors — tyrants, who have not fallen as yet but who will inevitably fall. It is also a test for the oppressed, who have not risen yet, but wait for their hour of revolt.
If the oppressed rise to change places with their oppressors, both will fail the test.

In the states of the Central Asia, ruled by despotic regimes for long years, such dangers do exist. The embitterment of all – that’s the most dangerous feature of the oppressed mass of people. Besides, during twenty years of so-called independence, a whole generation which does not know halal and haram has grown up. This is a generation whose idols are mafia bosses and public fund embezzlers. In this situation reform of minds of our society is the question not less actual than political and economic reforms.

Anyway, in spite of all this, Central Asia is coming close to its Day of Enlightenment.
Perhaps, more slowly than we desire, but it is coming. The closer this day comes, the stronger is the feeling of responsibility, even anxiety.

Because we know, that not all struggles for Justice will lead to Justice. Not all revolutions lead to the Enlightenment of people. The beam of impetuous freedom can blind people with weak faith and in their enthusiasm, in their blindness, they can start fratricide for imaginary national interests. For such developments in our region there are enough examples. Our wounds still are fresh. The wounds received from uncontrolled freedom of Kirghizia.

The Central Asian tyrants are proud of the silence established by means of bayonets. But in the depths of this silence a hurricane forms. When it suddenly appears, we should not miss the essence of occurring process. We should not let lose from hands the string of a proper way. It is a string of Justice.

When the USSR failed, we were happy believing that on the ruins of Soviet Union we would build the new states. It was great mistake. Very soon we saw that on ruins it was impossible to build anything, especially, the state. Those republics of the former Union, which have once and for all refused the methods of rule of totalitarian regimes, reached a new level of the statehood and have rather easily gone through cataclysms of a so-called transition period.
The states, formally referring to the Muslim states, are ruled by people with no attitude to Islam neither mentally, nor ideologically. These peoples also did not belong to the Western democracy. They belonged to Homo sovieticus type, to a sort on which was buried in Bialowieza Forest in the end of 1991.

I do not join the rhetoric that our people do not deserve rule of these despots. If we have not deserved, they would not sit above us. Our prophet Muhammad (Peace be upon him) in hadith says: «You will be operated by those governors whom you deserve». (Daylami, Ibn Hajar Asqalani).

But it does not mean at all that we should be idle. Because in the Koran it is told: «Indeed, Allah will not change the condition of a people until they change what is in themselves.» (13/11)
We should move forward and we do. And that’s all we can do. Because Koran also in the fifth ayah of the 15-th sura says: “No nation will precede its term, nor will they remain thereafter” (5/15).

The tragedy of tyrants is that they think differently. They collect billions (OF DOLLARS?) to delay the end. So did Saddam so did Mubarak so did Kaddafi. So does the Uzbek tyrant, although external and internal signs of life of his state indicate that day is near that God promised. Each of the tyrants, looking at the falling crown from the heads of their friends, thinks «it was his own fault, I’m not so foolish, I’ll get rid of any possibilities for such an end». At the same time he is reminded of Andijan, which he easily drowned in blood, without causing any disturbance either West or East. Moreover, superpowers around assent to it, offering the help to prevent revolts by oppressed people.
Such a policy of double standards is now in a fashion as never before. The Western Machiavellists call this policy “real policy”.

In this situation the Muslim states should support their oppressed brothers. Support everywhere on the planet. Support their struggle for restoration of freedom and justice in their countries.
Muslims should not have double standards. Because our prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) bequeathed to us only one standard — the standard of Koran.

For Muslims, it is time to refuse the demagogy that Koran is a book, and life is life. They should remember that such demagogy will pull them together with the hypocrites of the East and the machiavellists of the West, which are people of the same breed. As long as the Koran remains for us only a book and does not become a life in a flesh, we shall remain villains, oppressors even being oppressed.
May Allah we comprehend this truth more quickly that we manage to change ourselves by day of the Enlightenment.

Muhammad Salih

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