The Crash of Demagogies

“The Arab spring” has destroyed two most popular demagogies of the democratic world. The first demagogy is the necessity of struggle against tyranny only by peaceful methods. The second is that democracy and Islam are incompatible.

Towards the day of Awakening

Recent events in the Muslim world are inspiring optimism. As the Muslim world comes close to its enlightened age, its features are softened, its sight becomes clearer. The so-called ‘revolutions’ occuring — though soiled by blood and accompanied by pain – represent some kind of catharsis, some kind of cleansing. The means for these global…

The freedom of unarmed man (a script for documentary)

In the newest history of Turks in Central Asia, which is also known by its old name Turkistan, two most important movements against colonizers took place in the end of the 19th century: an uprising under Dukchi Eshon and the Jadeedism movement, which established the Kokand Autonomy in 1917.

«Turkish Daily News»

There is no need to repeat the truism that both the East and West possess forces that have interests in maintaining a certain level of antagonistic tension between the two sides. Some western statesmen with a Kipling mentality found Samuel Huntington’s theory about the «Clash of Civilizations» very much to their liking. Those radicals of…

America’s Shady Ally Against Terror

When the Soviet Union fell apart, most of its provincial Communist dictators did not. Instead, they jumped to join those who had been, moments before, their «nationalist enemies» — and adopted nationalist slogans as their own.