Why haven’t I entered into polemics with a woman?

The reason why I had to come back to this topic was a reckless, unsubstantiated, and picaresque statement about “The threat to democracy posed by People’s Movement of Uzbekistan (PMU)» made by G. Buharbaeva, a journalist from “uznews.net”.

Two weeks ago, the “uznews.net” site angrily “blew up” against my humble person and can’t stop since then. This explosion continues like in a slow motion, throwing out new lava of compromising material against PMU.

The last attack by this site was a published article with an intended-to-scary title «PMU is a threat to democracy inUzbekistan».

What caused this sudden activity of G. Buharbaeva’s libido? It was my refusal to debate with her.

All articles (a dozen of them!) devoted to M. Salih’s refusal to debate with Mrs. G. Buharbaeva ask a single question. How could he dare to REFUSE?

Even “the public” participating in the Buharbaeva’ forum is “not jokingly” angered.

The theme of refusal is being widely discussed  by both writers headed by a certain Mr. Mamarasulov and political scientists headed by Mr. Tashpulatov, a former employee of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.  Even the farmers headed by the journalist Nasyr Zakir “are discussing” this topic. All of them are discussing my «shameful and blatant denial» to debate with Mrs. Buharbaeva.

How I dared to do this «great act», even I don’t know now. I feel like a monster, a negative movie character created by the artists of socialist realism.

The absurdity of the situation also lies in the fact that in this Lynch crowd there is not a single person who asked himself: so what if a person refused? Doesn’t a person have such a right?

Buharbaeva believes that a person doesn’t have such a right. And, based on that, she decides that «PMU is a threat to democracy inUzbekistan». That’s how the unconsidered refusal to debate with Mrs. G.B. may lead to this kind of a “conceptual globalization”.

Buharbaeva fervently laments: «Persecution, deployed against Mr. Salih and his family by the President Karimov and also the lack of the freedom preventing the appearance of new politicians in the country, have provided an opportunity for Mr. Salih to remain in politics with a minimum of efforts on his part».

It’s not clear who G. B. pouts at: at Karimov, for not making his persecution against Mr. Salih correctly or at Mr. Salih himself, for the fact that he was provided with an opportunity to remain in politics?

I agree with Buharbaeva on one thing: sacred cows shouldn’t be in politics.

I can only add: such cows shouldn’t be in journalism ether.

But G. Buharbaeva behaves as the sacred cow – touching it is perceived as a crime. PMU has made only one statement against a slanderous propaganda of the “uznews.net” site and it received in reply around ten – again, slanderous – articles supported by the outside self-made «political scientists» and inhabitants of a barrack of vagabonds, whom this site calls an electorate.

The ambition is huge.

Everything is subordinated to this ambition; even the comments. Only those comments that are in agreement with the site’s ambitions can be passed. Here is how a certain «thinker» nicknamed “Eldar” thinks: “Dear Galima (G. Buharbaeva), it is very difficult for me to watch your efforts to do something for this people [I did not know that Ms. G. B. had such a historical mission – a comment by М.S.]. It’s the Sisyphean labor, believe me … the people are sick! There is the one remedy for this illness – the reliable and durable borders! The borders that are for not letting in, but for not letting out; for preventing against the spread of this illness all over the world!”

The Illness is the people. The Uzbek people, of course.

This is a very constructive and a very fascist proposal from admirers of the “uznews.net».

There is an Uzbek saying that reads as follows: «Well, it’s good that God never gave the horns to a camel».

Buharbaeva who is completely devoid of a false modesty states: «Now I must make a gap in the minds of the leaders!» Madame, please be kind and let them to make such a gap to themselves. Otherwise, it will be like in the experimental camps of the Third Reich.

I carefully read all the criticism aimed against my person on this site and didn’t find even one thought worthy of respect. If I can’t respect the opinion of each of you separately; then, how can I respect your collective opinion? If this “child-like” site defines the public opinion, what can be said about the society itself?

Why I refused to «debate» (what a word!) with her? As a matter of fact, I responded to all questions by telephone three days prior to these discussions about a «debate» and explained why I refused to talk to her.

First, because she a slanderer. Having slandered, she apologizes. Then, she slanders again. This trick is repeatedly used again and again.

Secondly, she manipulates the facts. For example, the editor asked me a question: “Has E. Urlaeva adopted Islam inTurkey?”  I answered: «Yes, she has». In the media, she transformed her question into my answer and used it as the title of the article: “M. Salih: Elena has adopted Islam inTurkey”. It looked like I called for a press conference to declare that a human rights activist has adopted an Islam religion. That is, the event was so vital for me and even more precisely M. Salih is the Islamist (one of the so-called «political scientists» associated with the “uznews.net” uses this word “Islamists” when writes about us).

Another example: one of the PMU activists told to the “uznews.net” that young men – with permission from God – have distributed the leaflets. Any Uzbek speaks this way in the usual conversation; it’s just a phrase. However, this phrase on the “uznews.net” site was transformed into the cynical title: “The leaflets inTashkentare being spread with Allah’s help”. (30.03.12)

Again – Islam!

All articles about the Uzbek opposition, from under the veil of the «freedom of speech», are demonstrating hostility towards Islam and the traditions of the Uzbek people.

Another feature that makes us to stay away from the sites like “uznews.net” is a blatant disinformation, which they use without any shame.

Here is an example: this is the title of the article by G. Buharbaeva: «Salih’s refusal to debate is being discussed in city ofNamangan». “Journalist Nosir Zokir writes that he is disappointed by Muhammad Salih’s denial to debate.  Muhammad Salih, the leader of «Erk» party and People’s Movement of Uzbekistan refused to debate with G. Buharbaeva, the head editor of the “uznews.net” and that caused a resonance among many Uzbek activists».

In fact, Nasir Zakir was talking about Salih’s refusal to debate with Bahodir Choriev, the leader of «Birdamlik», considering him as the leader of a lower level. He talked about it a few months prior to Buharbaeva’s case!

The same situation happened with Mutabar Tadjibaeva. She called my wife and with apologies told her that G. Buharbava has interviewed her about us and has published that interview, but she has changed the essence of what I had said during the interview.

This sort of Goebbels propaganda against Muslim believers, the “uznews.net” has been carrying on for a long time.

In the past, this site systematically «was unmasking» Muslims living in western countries as they do not stop practicing their religion. Remember the writings about some «hidden camps of Abidkhan Nazarov” in northernSweden.

Mrs. Buharbaeva wrote: «Last time I saw Salih in October of 2009 at the meeting of the opposition parties inBrusselswhen they formed «theUnionof May13”.  He was discussing my article about Obid-Kori-Nazarov’s life inSwedenand he said that the Imam was not supposed to get angry at: «whatever that woman wrote «. On the same day, noticing my 44 year old colleague Kudrat Babadjanov and me having some beer, Salih made a remark to him».

All my sins are being brought in, apparently, as a base for a «threat to democracy inUzbekistan».

I say «apparently» because I didn’t find other more serious arguments demonstrating these threats in this article.

Unfortunately, an absolute information insulation created by Karimov’s dictatorship makes our society infantile, dependant, and prone to lightweight influences originating from more or less free, but totally irresponsible online media like the «uznews.net». In the environment of the true freedom of speech, no one would have paid any attention to the artificial yelling of these Islamophobes and the shouting of pseudo democrats.

At the end, I want briefly to respond to the questions raised, in one way or another, in the process of this scandalous case:

1. We call for the establishment of the state functioning in accordance with law. In any case, the state system will be chosen in accordance to people’s votes at the National Referendum.

2. I am the least concerned about an electorate and I can openly express my vision on all issues. I’m not one of those people who, for the sake of getting more votes, are prepared to support for example, same-sex marriage. I am a supporter of civilized forms of exclusion of gays and other sick people from society to prevent the spread of disease to healthy individuals.

3. I am an advocate of preserving the traditions of our ancestors, where a junior respects a senior and a senior is required to take care of a junior; where there is a duty to both family and country.

4. I am a supporter of studying in schools not only the history of a state but also a religion.

5. I am not a supporter of an absolute freedom of speech or actions because such a freedom will lead to slavery because of the ego of a man.

6. Awoman should be free like a man in her choice of a lifestyle, but also must not violate the boundaries of conduct that are prohibited for men as well. I believe that the main mission of women on the Earth is the raising of children and this mission should be classified as a public service. I regard a woman as a weak gender not in a figurative sense, but literally: God has created her like that and it’s wonderful that she was created exactly in this way. Without this peculiarity, women are unnatural and therefore, are disgusting.

7. The weakness of a woman is the greatest strength, before which, all real men tremble.

Muhammad SALIH